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My Characteristics

  • Name: Andreas Pankratz
  • Date of Birth: 1984-03-10
  • Job: Systemadministrator
  • From: Bavarian Forest, Germany

Todo list

  • Develop MySQL self tuning server
  • Extend linux knowlegde
  • Extend database knowledge (postgre is next)
  • Pass LPI Certification


Trainings & Arrangements

Current Active Projects

  • S-Square: Reality Unknown

    No information for general public available

    Task: Design, Development & Administration

Current Pending Projects

  • MySQL Selftuning Server

    With MySQL 5.1 it's possible to create a MySQL Server, which tunes itself. Currently i have no time to focus on that. Should actually be my first own Sourceforge Project.

    Task: Development

Old Projects

  • S-Square: Portal

    Intranet based on the LAMPP stack with userhelpdesk, computer administration system and FAQ system. With multi-language support and modular program parts.

    Task: Development & Administration


    Develop Zeltblotz V3: Private Homepage based on PHP and MySQL using Zend Framework and Smarty

    Task: Development & Administration


    A free Browsergame with a nice community

    Task: Database tuning


    One of Germanys best Web Radios

    Task: Development

  • OL Commerce

    Open Source Shop Software based on PHP&MySQL

    Task: Testing

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